I’ve had a termination

Choosing to have a termination is never an easy decision. For some women, even if there is an initial sense of relief and they feel they have come to terms with their decision, painful feelings can emerge that are difficult to understand. This can happen immediately afterwards, within a few months or even years later.

Possible feelings might include anger, shock, guilt, a sense of loss, depression, longing, emptiness and sadness. You may feel a mixture of these emotions or just one of them.

At Talk It Over, you will find a safe place where you can talk to a support worker. We have time to listen, we understand and we care about you.

Some clients come for one or two sessions, while others find more long term support helpful.

If long term support is needed we offer ‘My Journey’. This is a sensitive one-to-one grief recovery programme that supports you and equips you to deal with the emotions you may be experiencing, helping you to find the resources you need to relate to your experience more healthily.

Useful websites

Memorial services for pregnancy, baby, child loss

Termination Leaflet