I'm Pregnant

Finding out that you are pregnant can sometimes come as a shock. You may feel confused or frightened and not know where to turn or what to do. You may have lots of people telling you what you should do or you may be carrying this as a secret no one else knows. Try not to panic. Take time to consider your options and make the decision that’s right for you.

We can offer you

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    someone to talk to in confidence

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    someone who will listen and offer support whichever option you choose

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    someone outside of your family and friends who’s not emotionally connected with the pregnancy

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    a calm and unpressured environment

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    time and space to explore your feelings

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    information to help you make a good decision

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    signposting to local or national agencies if other issues are influencing your decision, such as housing, finance, domestic abuse or drug/alcohol misuse

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    a pregnancy test if you aren’t able to do one at home

Useful websites

NHS information about pregnancy

NHS information about contraception

Information about maternity pay and leave

Financial advice

Support through pregnancy and for new parents

Support for victims of sexual violence

Support for women affected by alcohol or drug misuse

Support for women including those affected by domestic abuse

Pregnancy Choices Leaflet