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Pregnancy choices, pregnancy loss and termination are subjects that many people find difficult to talk about. They aren’t spoken about openly. They are considered a ‘women’s thing’.

You can help those faced with an unplanned pregnancy or those struggling after pregnancy loss by talking openly about these topics by breaking the silence around them and reducing the stigma associated with them.

If someone you know has lost a pregnancy, the best way you can support them is just to be there, to show empathy and to listen if they want to talk. You don’t have to try and ‘make it better’, you just need to listen. If their emotions are very raw and painful, don’t try to close them down or stop them crying but validate their feelings and let them happen.


At Talk It Over we are here to listen but we also love to talk about our services and the issues facing our clients. So if you would like one of us to speak at a club, group or event please get in touch. And if you are a professional or volunteer working for an organisation that is interested in our services, we can send you our literature or speak to your team.


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