pregnancy advice

Not planned?



Finding out that you are, or might be pregnant, can sometimes come as a shock.

You may feel confused or frightened and not know where to turn or what to do.

Try not to panic.

You can talk it over with us on 07867 470588

Friendly Caring Support

If you need someone to talk to in confidence one of our trained support workers will be available to listen and offer support.

You may have other worries concerning your pregnancy.  Whatever your situation, we will provide a calm and unpressured environment for you to think through the way ahead.

Confidential Support

You may be faced with decisions that are not easy to make.

We won’t make a decision for you, but we can listen and help you to explore your options. Together, we can find out all the information you need so that you can make your own decision.

Whether you choose termination of pregnancy or adoption, or to continue with your pregnancy, we will offer you care and support.


We Offer

  • A listening ear
  • Signposting to local and national agencies regarding housing, benefits etc.
  • Information regarding parenting, termination of pregnancy* and adoption
  • Practical support
*We are not able to refer directly for termination of pregnancy.  We offer clients information on all the options and are well resourced to provide them both immediate and long-term support as necessary, directing to other agencies as appropriate.